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Free Tools from DarkSideOps

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List of Tools:

  1. Find my IP Address
  2. Subdomain Scanner
  3. Online Port Scanner
  4. Email Separator
  5. DNS Lookup
  6. Clickjacking POC
  7. Reverse Tabnabbing POC
  8. Gmail – Email Generator
  9. Google Hacking

What is my IP Address ? Click below to find out your external (public) IP.

Fastest Subdomain scanner! This tool scans the given website and lists down the subdomains within a blink of an eye.

Online Port Scanner is an online open ports scanning tool, add your custom IP address and scan for open ports in a few seconds.

Email separator is an email domain sorter or email domain separator, that strips email address into different domains.

This tool will list DNS records for a domain. The DNS lookup is done directly against the domain’s authoritative name server, so changes to DNS Records should show up instantly. By default, the DNS lookup tool will return an IP address if you give it a name.

This page is dedicated to security professional for helping in making quick proof of concept (PoC) for Clickjacking issues on websites. It contains a frame that can be copied and taken as a reference for making standard Clickjacking Proof Of Concept.

Create Reverse Tabnabbing POC

Generate hundreds of new gmail addresses that links to your Google account. So you can redirect emails from many different gmail addresses to your main gmail inbox. Also, allows you to create multiple accounts on a website with your primary gmail email address.

Google Search simplified. Period.